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Final stuff.

9. Sum up Lessig’s overall argument. OOK so obviously there are a lot of different aspects of Lessig’s argument, however I have narrowed it down to this: The need for a new “hybrid economy.” The progression of culture relies on … Continue reading

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Blog #12 Lessig and RIP

Besides Lessig himself actually being in the film, Rip, and talking about a lot of the things he talks about in his book, there are a few other things that the particular section of reading and the movie had in … Continue reading

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Blog #11 Sharing vs. Commercial

“There exists not just the commercial economy, which meters access on the simple metric of price, but also a sharing economy, where access to culture is regulated not by price, but by a complex set of social relations.” (147) A … Continue reading

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#10: Remix Culture

Alright first of all I apologize for the lateness on this blog, I caught that terrible horrible bug earlier this week and was bedridden for a few days:( Here’s the remix I picked: I found this particular one interesting because … Continue reading

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