Blog #6- Henry Jenkins

The three main points/concepts that Jenkins introduces are media convergence, participatory culture, and collective intelligence.

As Jenkins describes his definition of collective intelligence, it reminds me a lot of the ways Weinberger described “the wisdom of crowds.” Jenkins says, “none of us know everything; each of us knows something; and we can put the pieces together if we pool our resources and combine our skills” (Jenkins 4). To me, the wisdom of crowds is just another way of describing this, and they are essentially the same thing.

The term participatory culture relates a lot to the notion of gatekeepers as was covered in Weinberger as well. As Jenkins explains, “we might now see them as participants who interact with each other according to a new set of rules that none of us fully understands. Not all participants are created equal” (Jenkins 3). As we have discussed in class about gatekeepers, many would normally assume that there are no gatekeepers on the internet, and we can put anything we want on  the internet. However the truth is not everyone has all the power in the world when it comes to posting, commenting, and publishing things. In Jenkins’ perspective he is comparing this notion of power and gatekeepers to consumers and corporations on the internet. In ways this does relate to the discussion of power in Weinberger.

As Jenkins’ introduction does deal more with industries, and consumers of those industries directly involved in the world wide web, a few, if not many of Weinberger’s discussions do relate to different aspects here and there.

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3 Responses to Blog #6- Henry Jenkins

  1. Simon says:

    I agree with you on some of the key points from Jenkins. I thought your comparison of Jenkins collective intelligence and Wienbergers wisdom of crowds was a great comparison, they do seem very similar. Good Job.

  2. Kristin Arola says:

    Great post Lauren, probably your best so far. Good use of quotes and evidence to support your claims. Thanks.

  3. Blake says:

    Sweet wrap on Jenkins. I especially liked the comparison between participatory culture and the notion of gate keepers. Although it is a “participatory” culture, we are still governed by rules that shape what we can and cannot do.

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