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Blog #6- Henry Jenkins

The three main points/concepts that Jenkins introduces are media convergence, participatory culture, and collective intelligence. As Jenkins describes his definition of collective intelligence, it reminds me a lot of the ways Weinberger described “the wisdom of crowds.” Jenkins says, “none … Continue reading

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Post #5 Web of Meaning

Songweb <—let me know if that doesn’t work. When Weinberger states, “The meaning of a particular thing is enabled by the web of implicit meanings we call the world”(170), he is essentially talking about a “web of meaning.” In other … Continue reading

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Post #4 Ch.5 and web 2.0

In reading Weinberger, and the web squared, and Web 2.0 articles it is obvious that the wonderful world wide web is more complex than some may imagine. It seems as though the smarter the web gets, the easier of a … Continue reading

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